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Hello everyone! I'm so glad that you thought to check out my profile! ^_^ I've been cosplaying since 2008, so I'm still pretty new at this! ^_^'
I have won 2 awards for my Ouran HSHC cosplays and have been entered into 5 cosplay contests so far, but I'm always up for more! I've done mostly cross-play, maybe because I find it fun to be swarmed by fan-girls. Not that I have anything against cosplaying female characters or anything! I just haven't thought of any other female characters that I could portray convincingly. I'm not really the "stand-there-and-pray/really short" heroine type.
If you have ANY comments/helpful tips for me or, for whatever reason, would like my input, PLEASE don't hesitate to message me! ^_^

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