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Hello my cosplay name is Xehnis. I've been going to conventions for about 12 years now. I am a State Fire Marshal, Volunteer Firefighter, Graphic Designer, Cosplayer and SFX Artist...

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Xehnis says, "yes, it was great meeting you too! Hopefully, we will see each other again at another con soon. :)"
For Closer from Silent Hill 3
avianna says, "This looked so good! Was a pleasure meeting you in person <3"
For Closer from Silent Hill 3
Xehnis says, "thank you. I appreciate the comment. It took about two months to complete the entire cosplay"
For Closer from Silent Hill 3
Chidori-Di says, "THIS IS AMAZING.... seriously, WHO DOES THIS? <3 <3 <3"
For Closer from Silent Hill 3