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Hello everybody I'm Ivett, alias LadyRinoa.
I came from Cuba but I live in Palermo (Italy)
Actually I'm 17 years old and I'm studiyng to became a tourist agent or things like this...I love travel around the world *_*

I love Rinoa Heartilly!! She is absolutely my favorite girl character!!
I think we have similiar temperament and a little bit physical (just a little bit, because I think se is DIVINE, very beatiful, she is my inspiration!)

I love cosplay,manga, anime and all about Japan!!
One of my dreams is:
Open (or work) in a Cosplay Cafe' here in Palermo *_* this will be really magnificent!

I'm in love with a boy, my boyfriend, my Squall!
We love Final Fantasy 8 and we find ourselves in this beautiful couple: Rinoa and Squall!

Next Convention Appearance:

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