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Um, hi. I was sort of conned into making this by a certain someone. I'm new at cosplay. I feel it draining my life away already. I guess I can't complain because I am an addict. Send help.

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jazqui says, "I really love this photo out of all of them!! But guuuhhh you are still an amazing John <3"
For John Egbert from MS Paint Adventures / Homestuck
LotusDancer says, "i love your Canada cosplay! The suit fits! I was planning on being Canada and was wondering if you could tell me were you got the wig from?"
For Canada / Matthew Williams from Axis Powers Hetalia
nawlinsnurse says, "My daughter absolutely loves this costume. We are looking to purchase a Nepeta Leijon Costume. Would you know where we can purchase one? Thanks.. you can contact me by email hansen20@cox.net"
For Nepeta Leijon from MS Paint Adventures / Homestuck
Sapphire_hime says, "This particular picture made my day."
For Prussia / Gilbert Weillschmidt from Axis Powers Hetalia
Chas says, "I DON'T CARE FOR THIS MSPA THING MUCH, BUT I REALLY LIKE THIS. So I'm guessing that says a lot 8)"
For John Egbert from MS Paint Adventures / Homestuck