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Hiya! I love love love to Cosplay! right now I have 5 Cosplays and have more I plan to get :) I'd love to be a voice actor so I've been getting into acting more. I'm creative so I like to add perks to my cosplay. i love anime oh so much so if I could every cosplay I liked I would! My favorite cosplay( which gave me a lot of attention at Otakon 2010) is my Honey(Hunny)from Ouran High School Host Club cosplay.

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Seeshelle says, "Wow, lovely pic~"
For Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo
HoneySenpai4Cake says, "I love this one! I wore it Saturday and Sunday at Otakon and got so much attention you wouldn't believe! I was soo happy haha! I came up with the cake on a fork idea which what everyone, even some voice actors and a funimation photographer liked the most"
For Mitsukuni Haninozuka / Honey from Ouran High School Host Club
HoneySenpai4Cake says, "this cosplay I like because of the contacts and everything, it's fun to wear :)It had some issues when I got it but we fixed those up."
For Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo
HoneySenpai4Cake says, "Rin! My first Cosplay that my mom and sister made. It turned out excellent! And we had a little photoshoot which I'll have more pics of up later :)"
For Kagamine Rin from Vocaloid 2
HoneySenpai4Cake says, "Liechtenstein is just so cute so I went as her to Otakon 2010 with cosplay that I and my grandmother made. It turned out awesome and I was the only one as her. So it was just me and my Onii-sama."
For Liechtenstein from Axis Powers Hetalia