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I am a cosplayer, video gamer, artist, and also a ballet dancer. I have an unhealthy obsession to video games (Mostly Zelda, TEAM ICO games, Final Fantasy and RPGs) and intricate details.

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GirlintheWater says, "thanks!"
For Zelda from Hyrule Warriors
smzeldarules says, "LLOOOVEE"
For Zelda from Hyrule Warriors
GirlintheWater says, "thanks :D I am pleased I can do ballet positions with it along with her Moonshine and Lunaretic pose"
For Harlequin from Chrono Cross
Hime no Toki says, "This turned out so well! :D You should be proud of your Harle."
For Harlequin from Chrono Cross
GirlintheWater says, "Thanks! I agree on the art version/sprite is alot better than the cutscenes. "
For Garnet til Alexandros the 17th from Final Fantasy IX