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Greetings, fellow cosplayers and cosplay fans!

Hmmm... where do I begin? Well, for one thing, a love of costumes has been with me a long time - ever since my mother dressed me up as an Ewok at the age of 4 (my parents are proudly hardcore Star Wars fans). But I didn't truly get into cosplay until 2005, with the help of another cosplayer, when I got the chance to cosplay as Kankuro from Naruto. And happily ever since then, I've had a ton of fun doing it. Might not be able to afford much since my finances suck, but I try my best to do the best darn job I can with what little money I have... and it's been great. Also, it is thanks to cosplay that I have made a lot of awesome and wonderful friends, and for that I am IMMENSELY grateful.

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