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Basically I'm just a crazy law student from NJ.
If someone feels like sponsoring me- or better yet my sister stephhxstar(nevermind, she got sponsored like a year ago- thanks!)- on here, we'll love you forever...
My hobbies- aside from cosplay and the school that sucks my life away are singing, cello, writing, clubbing etc., and used to be astronomy but idk not so much anymore.
I'm a pretty nice person, just really shy at first lol.
I love comments too! Hint hint.

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Lady Ava says, "Such a cute Anna! I'm so glad you were able to be my sister at the convention! And I just got a chuckle that we actually ended up using the same wig in different colors. That is fantastic. <3"
For Anna from Frozen
Ryoko Dono says, "The extended time-line was weird... It meant that I had time to go into every trim/bead store in NYC at LEAST twice looking for the PERFECT beads, then then came back to it months later when I couldnt find them! (I live in NYC, so it wasnt as bad as it sounds!) I love what you used for the lattice/pie crust on your headpiece and the skirt, it gives it a lot of depth! And Sakizou is all about the headpieces! Put all the stuff on your head!"
For Apple Pie from Sakizou Artworks
AuroraMarija says, "Ahhh thank you so much!!! And really, you like the makeup? Wow, thank you. :)"
For Apple Pie from Sakizou Artworks
AuroraMarija says, "Thank you so much!! And I'll post a photo of just the headpiece I guess. And I don't know, yours came out amazing, I just have no patience for costumes when they take more than a few weeks though, but I kind of wish I did. It would probably be less stressful if I did it gradually at any rate lol. But yours was amazing, so I'm glad you think mine was good. :)"
For Apple Pie from Sakizou Artworks
Ryoko Dono says, "So cute! And I think your face here is super cute! I cant wait to see more / close up pics of your headpiece! And yea, 5 weeks or less is TOTALLY the way to go on these... The full year is just torture ;_;"
For Apple Pie from Sakizou Artworks