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I'm a lifelong fan of DBZ. Love Beyblade, Hetalia, Death Note, Ranma 1/2, YGO GX, Slayers and anything I can laugh about! Love costuming with crazy colours and crazier wigs!

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Kanemochi Kanetarou says, ""My fight style is 'Chicken'. Trigger and Carlos,(omit)." Yeah, You're a NEVER ENDING Angel."
For Heero Yuy from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Kanemochi Kanetarou says, "W...what an amazing photo...! I was startled when i looked at this's thumbna. As legendary as The duel on Ganryuu isle."
For Jessie / Musashi from Pokemon
Kanemochi Kanetarou says, "Ahhh, a Sexy Michiru-san's pose! This is the cosplay! You're a fighter of hug too!"
For Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon
Kanemochi Kanetarou says, "Ahhh, the Nice height difference. Veryvery real! And, You fit also Okasako(The part of my thumbna)-charas. "We're not getting forgiveness for loss. Ora-tachi Ningen, da!" "As Ora thought, Gokuu-sa is the Red Top striker, da.*^^*""
For Goku from Dragonball
Kanemochi Kanetarou says, "Very and very nice style! Tadano-san, Ikuko-san etc will be surprised!"
For Sailor Pluto from Sailor Moon