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im really freaking weird XD but im harmless XD...maybe
cosplay is a fun hobby i am passionate about it,i never mind taking requests or answering questions you can find any contact info you need here:
[profile photo by maggie ying]

also people keep asking,im ALWAYS bound in male cosplay,34F sometimes G hard to get flat,only get it to about a C

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Pirogoeth says, "Very nice!"
For Morpheus from Sandman
iheartexploding says, "hes a great director and writer and concept artist,i completely am with you 100% on being a big fan."
For Prince Nuada Silver Lances from Hellboy
Camittles says, "Gorgeous work! I'm a giant Del Toro fan"
For Prince Nuada Silver Lances from Hellboy
RiderFan says, "Very nice! From a superfan of Rider, you did very well! "
For Rider from Fate/Stay Night
superkim111 says, "Good job"
For Anko Mitarashi from Naruto