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Narnian says, "Yay, more Viera cosplays!! ^_^ Super lovely! "
For Viera White Mage from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Narnian says, "Wonderful cosplay! ^_^"
For Marvel Girl from X-Men
mostflogged says, "SEXY BITCHES WITH WHIPS CLUB OH MAN. But serious I love the way this costume looks on you, you make SUCH a smokin' Franziska!"
For Franziska Von Karma from Phoenix Wright: Justice for All
Mirai Noah says, "So cute! :D"
For Tsumugi Kotobuki from K-ON!!
scootkadoot says, "UGUUUUU YOU TWO ARE SO CUUUUTE ;w; <3"
For Hachisuka Tomoe from Sasameki Koto