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Greetings~! My name is Kurohane Shizumi. I'm currently 21 years old. My birthday is June 8th and I'm blood type B+. I've been cosplaying since 2004. I've been to over 25 conventions/anime-related events. I'm a college student and work so my time for this hobby is rather limited. But when I do have the time, I try my best! I have an extensive list of cosplay I hope to one day do which you can view here: ☆ http://kurohaneshizumi.livejournal.com/77803.html Please check each of the costumes' descriptions before sending me notes. :3 I try to make each very detailed to answer any questions you might have. Cheers~! ^_^

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JadeKat says, "I love your group! So cute! I've never seen such a large "Good Omens" group. <3 "
For Anathema Device from Good Omens
Nekomeishi says, "you so fab <3"
For Anathema Device from Good Omens
anna-neko says, "that is a really neat bow!"
For Natalia Luzu Kimuelasca Lanvaldear from Tales of the Abyss
zinkbriefs says, "Hello ^_^ I just wanted to say I really, really LOVE your Erza cosplay:) She is my Favorite Fairy Tail character. You portrayed her awesomely!!! I remember seeing you at Metro Con this past yr, I got your guys picture! I was soo excited when I saw all the different Fairy Tail cosplays. But anyway if you want I can send you the picture I took of you guys. I also had a question about how you did the pants for Erza. I know you explained it in the description but I am terrible at sewing, I'm practicing but have a long ways to go. I want to be Erza next Metro Con one of the days ^_^ Sorry if I talked to much, hope to hear from you soon."
For Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail
Nekomeishi says, "EPIC PHOTOSHOOT OF EPIC. <3"
For Mirana, The White Queen from Alice in Wonderland