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Hi hi ^_^
My Name is Momo-chan but I also go by HinaMomo-Chan, Mai-Dai,Mo Mei Gui, and Momo or Mo. I have been cosplaying since 2006 and I'm in love with it. Cosplay takes up most of my time if I am not at school or writing a book. lol yes I am writing a book and still havent finished it. I also am a singer but havent made any songs yet, I want to be a director or writer or singer or even all of them when I am older. I am in high school right now but have one more year left and I love to hang out with my friends. Most of my friends cosplay too but arent that into it like I am. Most of my friends that are into it are really close friends of mine since we are all in a cosplay group togeather that I will be posting photo's and updates on this page ^_^. I am the oldest of three children in my family and I am the only girl. I have been more into cosplaying this year than I have anyother year before but hope that I can make more cosplays this year and next year.

These are the cosplays I have done so far or I am working on; Hinata & Rin from Naruto,Rima from Shugo Chara, Kagome & Rin from Inuyasha,Misa-Misa from Death Note,Hinamori Momo from Bleach,CheshireCat from Alice in Wonderland,Kairi & Namine from Kingdom Hearts, and manymore to come ^_^

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