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Let's see, what to put here.

I'm still a fairly new cosplayer, having been doing it since 2007. I didn't even know what cosplaying was until 2006 thanks to the internet and it looked way too fun, so when one of my very few anime-loving friends invited me to a convention, I knew I wanted to cosplay off the bat. Haven't looked back since. :)
I'm even newer to making my own costumes but I'm gradually trying to learn all I can.
I like to draw, I sing (choir, alto voice), I love acting, musical theatre, casual photography, reading, and daydreaming. Oh, and I'm a Disney-holic too, don't get me started with that or I'll never stop. XD
Anything else ask away.

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akza says, ""despite ironically being afraid of her as a child! " the same happened to me!!! :p"
For Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs