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weeell i started cosplaying at Animania at Suncoast.... about a year ago but i dont count that as a first cosplay cuz it failed O_o
but at that animania i was a fail sakura shippuden... i literally cut up old clothing and hand sewed it for hours up in my room after school xD
then my second one was Judai from GX and that one i actually used a sewing machine xD

my first con was Otakon 08 but me and my 2 friends didnt cosplay..... but at zenkaikon 08 we cosplayed and realized its soooo much more fun cosplaying at a con!
at zenkaikon 08 i was Kazekage Gaara from shippuden and i was with a big naruto group! xD

and ive been making more cosplays and going to as many cons as i can ever since ^^

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