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Took me forever to get this set up but now I'm here! Yay. Okay. I'm an aspiring professional costumer with a weakness for knit fabrics. Been cosplaying since 2001 and met a lot of good people 'cause of it. I've been working on some ambitious things so wish me luck!

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J_Practice101 says, "luv this one! great contrasting colors"
For Marquise Spinneret Mindfang from MS Paint Adventures / Homestuck
J_Practice101 says, "Super cool costume and pose! Makoto rocks : )"
For Makoto from Street Fighter III
reikofanel says, "Wah! Thank you so much <3"
For Jade Harley from MS Paint Adventures / Homestuck
montgolfieres says, "you are sooo precious i love this pic a lot ;~;"
For Jade Harley from MS Paint Adventures / Homestuck
hifv says, "Oh! Your sweatshirt is perfect! I'm trying to make one too, but I can't find a pattern for the life of me. Great cosplay!"
For Mikado Ryugamine from Durarara!!