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I'm a genuine goofball who likes to play dress up. I've been attending conventions since 2002, and cosplaying since 2004.

My favorite thing to do is prop work, nothing pleases me more than pink insulation foam and sandpaper!

I'm always looking to meet new friends make new connections so feel free to drop me a line.

You can also check me out on Facebook, DeviantArt or Cosplay.Com.

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ladyisla says, "I love this! Are you still selling it?"
For Talim from Soul Calibur 3
stardust462 says, "This is stunning and gorgeous. I love the wig. Great work!"
For The Big Bad Wolf from Original Design
coalisa says, "This wig is really special. "
For Evil Wolf Queen from Original Design
kellilla says, "this is freaking gorgeous!!"
For Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland
lunaladyoflight says, "OO LALA. I loved these. You guys were fabulous."
For Soma from RG Veda