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Hello, fellow cosplayers.
I was introduced into the cosplay world by a friend of mine who showed me a few cosplay pictures of Yuna. As he went on about how beautiful and accurate she looked, I was thinking to myself "I can do this". And therefore, a new page of my life began.
I already was an aspiring model, so cosplay fit into my life and lifestyle perfectly. Different variety of outfits, interesting accessories, and beautiful photos to show off my costumes. I think I can live with that (lol).
I also love VIEWING cosplays of others. It brings me this certain, unexplainable joy of seeing others' work becoming something amazing.
I hope you enjoyed getting to know this little bit about me : )

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Kaseii says, "This is gorgeous! You did a wonderful job, especially with all those details. And the fact that there weren't a lot of actual reference pics for this makes it even more of an accomplishment!"
For Ashe / Ashelia B nargin Dalmasca from Final Fantasy XII