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Hello! I'm Lauren, but everybody calls me Troppy. I've been cosplaying since 2001.

My first cosplay ever was Yuna from Final Fantasy X. She's still my all-time favorite character, and I hope to make more of her outfits soon.

Recently, I've been experimenting with live action-based costumes, like Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean. Tell me what you think!

I currently work for the Museum of Science and Industry. Aside from sewing, my loves are my boyfriend, improv comedy, belly dancing, and my dog.

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Narnian says, "Your group is amazing!!!"
For River Tam from Firefly
Narnian says, "Wonderfully done! "
For River Tam from Firefly
Gmpitts16 says, "Wow, this is a really cool picture. I like the people leaning over the hand rail, make the shot look more realistic."
For Cheshire from Teen Titans
prynnette says, "This is SO FANTASTIC. I loved every second of Cheshire's two minutes (or so :P) of screentime and you've really brought her to life here. Do you watch Young Justice, by any chance? She's a far more prominent character there with an equally cool outfit. :)"
For Cheshire from Teen Titans
Janelle Ann says, "Miho!<3<3<3"
For Para Para All Star from Para Para Paradise