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Hello my name is Nikki and this is my cosplay profile. I'm not really big in cosplay right now, but I'm learning with the help of good friends, family, and support that I can be just as good as my super 1337 friends are! Someday I will achieve my dream of doing all the "darker"-skinned cosplays I can, with some original ones to boot. I'm a single mother of a beautiful baby boy who is known as "My chibi" and a good few friends here in Utah. I hope to travel to various con's and appreciate all that you've done for me in being my friends! Happy Cosplaying!

I'm normally a pretty easy going person, but I found that my caring personality will get me wrapped up in things I had no clue was going on. XD

I love life, Cosplaying, and my son. Not in that order, but so very true of me.

I'm an honest person, based on things that I think of myself...not on others opinions.

I like candy...


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Yeu says, "Awww, you look great as Frida. I'm so happy to see someone cosplaying from this game."
For Frida from Bust a Move
Andichan says, "this looks really great! :D"
For Yoruichi Shihouin from Bleach
Andichan says, "this looks gorgeous! you make a really great urd. ^-^"
For Urd from Ah My Goddess
belldandyamz says, "hey, I love your instant Urd cosplay...u know the one with the china dress. but even if it was a dress that u were given, it looked like urd's dress. and you play the part of urd well. keep up the good work, Bell"
For Urd from Ah My Goddess