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I'm enjoying the costume play of a hobby Japan and overseas.
Though regrettable, I can't speak many English.

I want many to make friends!

My Homepage>>>http://www.not-funny.com/

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Die says, "ah baiken!! kakkoi!!"
For Baiken from Guilty Gear XX
amam89 says, "Beautiful Lulu!"
For Lulu from Final Fantasy X
imariyumiki says, "Always love your DOA cosplays. So happy to see you on here Ayaka. :)"
For Tina Armstrong from Dead or Alive 4
Ellome says, "Oh man, this brings back memories :D Great job! You look fantastic!"
For Bloodberry from Saber Marionette J
nikkiolie says, "Great job on the costume. It looks perfect."
For Queen Bee from Darkstalkers