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I enjoy creating cosplays to amaze, surprise, or stop you in your tracks. While I favor the large, elaborate, and technically-challenging costumes over well-sewn outfits, that's only because I'm better with cardboard and tape than I am with needle and thread. That'll change with practice, though~

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Sunnybrook1 says, "Whoops, deleted 2 comments by accident....^^; Oh, and I'm glad ya'll liked it. No Ghibli characters were harmed in the making of these photos~"
For No Face from Spirited Away
Dandelionswish says, "woah! i love that you made the mouth version, and picture 2 is so cute, lol poor kiki"
For No Face from Spirited Away
sailortweek says, "I still think you have THE BEST No-Face! You really scared the crap out of me in line for the photo panel! *LOL* Great design, great puppetry, and terrific use of materials! And thanks for the candy coin ^_^"
For No Face from Spirited Away
Temari_Nara says, "hahaha so creative o.o"
For Death Note (Book) from Death Note