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I remember when I was younger I was looking for pictures of Link from Legend of Zelda for drawing reference and I saw a picture of PikminLink. I than found coscom and was amazed at how cool cosplay was and that people actually did this!

That was in 2004 maybe? I was too scared to cosplay for the longest time but finally in 2007 I made Reno from Final Fantasy 7 with my brother as Cid Highwind and we wore it to Megacon.
I was terrified even though I put a lot of work into it, and we were actually well received by the cosplay community.

Ive been obsessed ever since! I've known some of my best friends since Anime Festival Orlando 2007 and Megacon 2007.

Honestly, without cosplay I would have never met my friends, my girlfriend, so many cool people, travel, etc.

Im extrememly OCD and critical of anything I do. So i strive to be the best I can, and am still learning.

I love meeting people! Please don't hesitate to say hi. I don't normally go up to people because Im afraid they wont like me. LOL! Hence why I'm slightly anti-social...

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MsSaturday says, "Thanks :)"
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