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Cosplay Commissions!\n\nI started opening up slots for cosplay commissions. Currently I have mostly made costumes for myself, but have been making items for friends and family over the years. I???ve been cosplaying for 9 years now and have at least that much experience in sewing. \n\nFurther examples of my work can be found here: https://www.acparadise.com/loves/ukrainekraine or on my tumblr.\n\nWhat I can do:\n\nSewing/Garment Construction\nSmall Props & non sewing related details (anything non fabric that might be on the costume)\nWhat I can NOT do:\n\nLarge Props\nBadges/Patches\nBefore any commission begins, I will need accurate measurements of you, as well as clear and detailed reference photos as you are able to provide of the character. We will discuss the materials you will want to be used on the costume, as well as any misc details you would like.\n\nAll payment will be through paypal. I will accept half now, as a down payment for materials, and half when the costume is finished. The time frame for the costume will depend on the reference & materials needed for the project. I will provide you with an as accurate time frame as I am able to. I will always follow up with progress photos as I am working. \n\nIf you are interested in a commission, please feel free to email me at krainecommissions@gmail.com\n\nThank you!

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These are costumes or props made and worn by this cosplayer, available for purchase.