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Hi, I'm the Elfnextdoor and I'm a cosplayer.
I co-own an itty bitty Otaku business with Ninjadancer, and we sell very geeky things that we have made, like these: http://www.thefivewits.net/otaku_wuzzats.htm
If you see either of us at a convention, stop and say "Hi."
I am more a sculptor/prop maker and 2-D visual artist than a costumer, so most of the cosplays I have up are mainly the amazing sewing work of Ninjadancer.
I am both a pirate and a ninja, being the child of a mixed marriage, and am prominent in the ongoing peace effort between those venerable factions.
I recently helped script an award winning skit at Katsucon 09 and am very geeked about making more.
I hope to be cosplaying until Genkai from Yu Yu Hakusho is an age appropriate character for me.

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Netto_Zero says, "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I REMEMBER YOU FROM TANDOKUCON (best con ever btw) I was zaft kira from gundam seed and azuma from yakitate japan, haha i always have to comment when i see tandokucon,that shitty one year con that i miss."
For Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist