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I went to my first con in 2003 and spent a few years just mashing costumes together using thrift stores and glue guns. Then I upgraded to buying them on ebay. I finally started sewing costumes in late '07...and I'm just now getting to the point where I like doing it; though I still think the best part of making any costume is just being done.XD Thanks to ceruleandraco for the upgrade!~

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loli-angel-chan says, "where did you get the wig??"
For Rose DeWitt Bukater from Titanic
CeruleanDraco says, "*o* so pretty~ and I love your mask!"
For Amalthea from Last Unicorn
TATTO says, "I remember seeing this in your closet so long ago, I'm so glad you finally got to wear it! it looks so good~"
For Sophie from Howls Moving Castle
Cosgirl303 says, "wow! i like the colors and fabric that you selected for this costume. you did a wonderful job. =)"
For Rachel Alucard from BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
CeruleanDraco says, "so pretty~ i love the wig :D"
For White Mushroom from Original Design