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Hey there! I've been cosplaying sence 2006 and been going to cons sence 2008.
I realy like to meet new people and make friends.
I dont just cosplay i like to make other costumes and clothes as well. Cant wait to go to another con!

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Narnian says, "Awesome! This is my favorite version of her!"
For Raven from Teen Titans
zipchan says, "So cute! D: <3"
For Ditto from Pokemon
alice jadis says, "Cool! I was planning to make this version of Raven myself someday.. ^^ You're one of the best "white" Ravens I've seen yet.."
For Raven from Teen Titans
Eikoseisui says, "You did a good job! =] I'm planning on cosplaying Lani as well."
For Lani from Final Fantasy IX
IzzyTheInsane says, "AWW!!!!"
For Ditto from Pokemon