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Hey there! I've been cosplaying sence 2006 and been going to cons sence 2008.
I realy like to meet new people and make friends.
I dont just cosplay i like to make other costumes and clothes as well. Cant wait to go to another con!

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Jessi Jay says, "So lovely! Is this still for sale?"
For Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon
Narnian says, "Awesome! This is my favorite version of her!"
For Raven from Teen Titans
zippyelly says, "So cute! D: <3"
For Ditto from Pokemon
alice jadis says, "Cool! I was planning to make this version of Raven myself someday.. ^^ You're one of the best "white" Ravens I've seen yet.."
For Raven from Teen Titans
Eikoseisui says, "You did a good job! =] I'm planning on cosplaying Lani as well."
For Lani from Final Fantasy IX