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My name is Brooklynn-Rue but I go by the name of Rue Belgrave, due to the fact that is what I sign as an artist name. I reside in Orange County California but I couldn't properly describe myself if I tried to. I'm pretty lost, entirely submerged into a world of my own. Mischief is a key factor in most of my motives and the gears in my head are ever employed. I'm a video game adict, technologically obsessed, and intake more than a healthy amount of anime. I'm calm and chaotic, destructive and productive, all in all I'm just a giant ball of confusion and quirkyness. :D

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smlilium says, "Wow!! hawt!!! you fir lulu!!"
For Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass R2
Dracoko4757 says, "you are truly beautiful, very seductive"
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