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...What's this...?...a pie eating contest...what, no? THE WHAT IS IT DARN IT!?!?!...OHHHHH an Introduction!!!OF COURE I knew that what kind of idiot doesn't know that. I was JUST making sure YOU weren't an idiot. See how nice I am? :3

Well...anyways...I...AM... Roraki Kirako..or Rora for short~

I started cosplay back in my HS freashmen year as Haruno Sakura of Naruto never kne wteh series back then...so I almost got killed by a few Sakura haters...XD I had ninja skills to run away from them with out knowing...so yeah i also done L from Death Note, Akito and Emiri from Air Gear, Train from Black Cat, Haruhi Suzumiya,Haru and Hyper Will-Form Tsuna from KHR, & recently did Rinoa from FF8 for NYAF2008...most of my outfits were done by hand...about like 3 of my outfits were machine helped by my grandma...her factory machine is a demon I swear...it scares teh crap out of me... LOL

and yeha i like making friends...and I am still a novice for costume making...^^' I winged like...all of the outftis BUT the KHR ones LOL cuz you can but that stuff XD...

so yeha I like to make friends...I'll be your friend...will you be my friend~? :3 don't worry i only liek to mess with people's head...males are my fave to mess with. XD i like gofofing of...and well i'm more of an Anime-style artist..so my wesite thta..i'm sure i posted here...is my Deviantart site. so feel free to snoop around when your bore OR message me XD my contacts are on my Deviantart site.

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Tricia says, "Awesome. x3"
For Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII