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I'm an animation student and currently attend the Art Institute of Colorado. I attend Nan Desu Kan, A-kon, Animeland Wasabi, and Rocky Mountain Fur Con. Oh, and I'm awesome. (Kidding kidding)

I started making costumes back in 2007 when I picked up the sewing machine for the first time and created my my well-known anthropomorphic Charizard suit. It was such a great experience that I fell in love with the hobby and I was encouraged by many people to continue. In 2008 I took it further and created a full body Aerodactyl costume. Now I'm getting ready for my next big costume project for 2009.

I do offer commissions but I always give away free advice! Check out my YouTube account for tutorials and videos of my costumes.

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nikkiolie says, "That is really cool looking. I would die if I saw this at a con XD"
For Aerodactyl from Pokemon
MarysLittleLamb says, "haha thats really cute! :)"
For Charizard from Pokemon