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Hi my name is Lily,
I love to draw anime and cosplay with my friends. I am not that great at sewing so my friend, Jack helps me out alot. In my other spare time, I enjoying taking photos of cosplays and even recording things to make into a movie. Sorry that i don't come on ACP very often so it may be hard to contact me. I check my Deviantart daily so that may be the best place to ask me questions. Thanks.

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bunny.jack says, "Adorable this one is my favorite!!"
For Taiga Aisaka from Toradora!
bunny.jack says, "XD so cute!!!"
For Taiga Aisaka from Toradora!
bunny.jack says, "i just saw this EEEEEE"
For Kotaro Katsura from Gintama
imariyumiki says, "8D *pat pat* See you can just change out pics when you get new ones. Yay good girl for updating."
For Lenalee (Rinali) Lee from D. Gray-Man
imariyumiki says, "Such a good girl with her updates~ <3 I still lol that when you guys said D.Gray Man I was like, Kanda kanda kanda and now look. <333"
For Yu Kanda from D. Gray-Man