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I have a huge obsession for the Tales of Series as well as the Fire Emblem series. But I mostly am a lover for old school gaming series.

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Envel says, "We're plotting a Sacred Stones group for next year. :3c Just so y'know.... *nudge*"
For Lyon from Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones
Terranell says, "Keele!! <3 You're lots of fun to cosplay with, let's do this again."
For Keel Zeibel from Tales of Eternia
daveyd says, "Fantastic job with this costume! I'm a huge Growlanser fan and with all of the cool characters this series definitely needs more cosplayers. Would love to see you do another Growlanser character if you're up to it! You should also think about entering in ATLUS USA's next annual Halloween costume contest. Really great!"
For Arieta Lyuis from Growlanser II: Sense of Justice
Terranell says, "OH MY GOD YOU FINISHED IT!!! <3 <3 <3 My armor looks lame in comparison but I totally want some Destiny photos one of these days. You did such a great job, I'm very impressed."
For Woodrow / Garr Kelvin from Tales of Destiny
slightlysalted says, ":D I love your GARRRRRRRR costume so much! Especially your adorable squeaky movements...and quiver pouch haha"
For Woodrow / Garr Kelvin from Tales of Destiny