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I started cosplaying in early 2006, with Sac-Anime being my first convention. I enjoy cosplaying not only because I get to take on a different persoanlity, but because of the amazing friends I've met through it. Without cosplay, I would still be in my little shell, too shy to introduce myself. At conventions... good luck getting me to shut up. xD I both make and buy my costumes, and at this point I've got 27 cosplays completed, some of which I've retired. I'm always working on more cosplays, and I love cosplaying with others! Feel free to message me any time, I'd love to make a new friend. ^^ I promise, I don't bite.... much.

Convention/Gathering Plans 2011:
4th of July Hetalia Cosplay Picnic - July 4th
GilmanCon - July 10th
BAC @ Golden Gate Park - July 16th
All-Day Massive Cosplay Photoshoot Marathon - July 23rd (host)
HyperCon - August 6th-7th (Cosplay Coordinator)
Okage Sama De Cosplay Tea - August 13th
Sac-Anime - September 2nd-4th
Otaku Bowl (NorCal) September 10th
Yaoi-Con - October 21st-23rd

Cons for 2012 (Confirmed):
-Sac-Anime Winter/Summer

Current Cosplays:
Ashura - Tsubasa
Bardroy - Kuroshitsuji
France - Hetalia
Hotaru (School, Canon Street, Musical) - Sailor Moon
Luka (Punk, Valentines, Matryoshka, Formal, Band)- Vocaloids
Luxembourg - Hetalia
Maria - Vampire Knight
Black Mokona - Tsubasa
Orochimaru - Naruto
Russia (Mafia, Official, Winter, Black&White)
Sailor Saturn - Sailor Moon
Steampunk - Original
Kyo - Fruits Basket
Nina - Chrome shelled Regios
Manager K - Gravitation
Vampire Ichigo - Bleach

Retired Cosplays: (Some can be brought back if requested)
Deidara - Naruto
Kurama - Yu Yu Hakusho
Inuyasha - Inuyasha
Marluxia - Kingdom Hearts
Orihime - Bleach
Rin - Vocaloids
Sasori - Naruto
Nurse Stein
Tezuka - Prince Of Tennis
Iceland - Hetalia
Marik - YuGiOh

Cosplays Planned 2011:
Mytho - Princess Tutu
Brooklyn - Beyblade
Azazel - X-Men: First Class
Adiane - Gurren Lagann
Twilight Sparkle - My Little Pony
Luka (Magnet Kimono) - Vocaloids
Karasu - Yu Yu Hakusho
Abel - StarFighter
Venasur - Pokemon
Kau - Togainu No Chi

Next Convention Appearance:

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cherryteagirl says, "your sailor outfit is so nice! Saturn is one of my favorites."
For Sailor Saturn from Sailor Moon S