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Obviously, as you can see, cosplaying is a hobby! Occasionally, I can be a productive member of society out of costume too.

Feel free to say hi! New friends are always a plus.

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Allen says, "you win at live for cosplaying him! XD"
For Bobby Margot from Macross Frontier
soweluki says, "Wahhh!! Byakuran!! <3"
For Byakuran from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
hildechan says, "ZURA ZURA"
For Kotaro Katsura from Gintama
Aria says, "LOL I don't know how but it really works! XD"
For Kotaro Katsura from Gintama
sephtastic says, "We totally should! COME HERE, DELICIOUS FUKUTAICHOU."
For Mikoshiba Shouta from DOLLS