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My name is Charley, and I've been cosplaying for three years as of 2008. The cons I've attended are Sakura con in Seattle, Wa 3x, Animazement 3x, Otakon 2x, and Anime Weekend Atlanta 2x, and plan to attend at the very least those four for the next several years.

I started cosplaying my second Sakura con and to date have completed and worn for myself twenty costumes, including hand made steampunk but none of my lolita in the count. Sadly I don't have pictures of all, and not very good pictures of most, but I plan to remedy that with future costumes.

For others I've made a Captain Bravo from Buso Renkin, Aburai Renji from Bleach, Kenpachi from Bleach, and Grimmjow from Bleach. As well as a blouse, knit scarf, skirt and hair bow for a lolita outfit.

I cosplay as a hobby and take pride in the amount of work I put into it, so even if I'm not perfect I feel that it's still a step above buying one from someone else. That is not to sound elitist I just think more of the people who make the costumes than the ones wearing them, after all anyone can put on clothes.

I look forward to meeting and hopefully even working with other cosplayers and expanding my future venue.

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