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My name is Wilma and I've been a cosplayer since 2000. I attend one or two conventions a year generally in the midwest region. I enjoy the construction and sewing aspect of cosplaying but tend to like to leave most props up to my sisters, whom I cosplay with.

My most favorite part about conventions is competing in Masquerades. I helped to form a group known as the "Ota-Queens" where we tend to think up very obscure and silly skits. The members include myself and my two sisters along with whatever friends we can rope into playing along with us. Generally I will decide to cosplay a character for theatrical purposes but never a character I do not love.

As a cosplayer, my rules are #1: Never take this seriously in any way shape or form (this is my *hobby* not my life), #2: Do the best I possibly can and try not to rush an outfit or cut corners, #3: Cosplay only a character that I like or try to get to know a character if I like a design (in other words, don't cosplay characters I know nothing about), #4: Enjoy myself as much as I can. I treat conventions like small vacations but I do enjoy a life outside of it which is why after 10 years, college, and entering what is known as "real life," I still enjoy doing this.

I appreciate that you are visiting my profile and thank you for your time looking at my pictures. I hope that if you see me at a convention that you will say hello because I love to meet new people!

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