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I started out with Renaissance reenacting back in 2002 from there I have branched out to cosplaying.

My husband does most of the sewing because I can't use a sewing machine to save my life! I usually pick the cosplays to do and pick out the material for it. However I am slowly learning how to use the sewing machine without breaking it.

I would like to thank the person who decided to upgrade my account. I so don't deserve. XD But thanks so much! -kisses-

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Mandy Shadow says, "Hey for only one day of work, it looks friggin amazing darling. And you look Amazing. "
For Moxxi from Borderlands 2
omnichan says, ":P I am hoping that I can convince Chris to take some pictures of Ada this weekend. I need to live by you guys. T.T"
For Ada Vessalius from Pandora Hearts
SailorAnime says, "'bout time you posted something for Ada!! ;D"
For Ada Vessalius from Pandora Hearts
SailorAnime says, "Bitchin' location on the new pics!"
For Juvia Lockser from Fairy Tail
Mandy Shadow says, "You have some Tasty Balls! LOL Seriously you did a great job on the dress. :3"
For Nami from One Piece