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Hello all! I've been cosplaying since 2004, and if you haven't noticed, I'm REAAAAALLY slow at pumping out costumes. But I put a lot of attention to detail, and I'm self-taught in sewing, so it's all good.

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blue_eyed_fairy says, "Great job! I was so excited when I saw you at AB!!!"
For Tsugiri from Alichino
pockyprincessdarcy says, "Unbelievably beautiful!You do such pristine work! The gold embroidery is off the hook! Mad props to you! ^__^"
For Tsugiri from Alichino
Lightane says, "thats awesome! was it really hard to make it?"
For Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2
Sweet-Pea says, "well well well, hello "Thora" (had to) I lovez u!"
For Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2