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Hello to you! I've been cosplaying since Fall 2007. It's very rewarding to complete a costume after much hardship, and I find cosplaying to be a creative outlet for me.

Thank you to whoever gave me Celestial status. I really appreciate it! :D

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Gajeel says, "I'd love to know if there would be a way you could make this wig for me. I'm planing on cosplaying as Gajeel and I need a good wig for the cosplay. This is the best wig I've seen and I'd love to have it. If you can't make it for me I understand just let me know. "
For Gazille Reitfox from Fairy Tail
chanelleno5 says, "best frosch plush i have seen so far nice and fat not like the weird akinny ones"
For Frosch from Fairy Tail
Drayde says, "I created an account just to comment on this.. It A: Makes you one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, and B.. well.. me:rnrnhttps://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/540x720q90/153/cids.jpgrnrnYou're amazing.rn"
For Cid Highwind from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Ayloogirl18 says, "Is it for sale???"
For Frosch from Fairy Tail
Rbetancourt620 says, "Please i have to knw where you bought this???"
For Gazille Reitfox from Fairy Tail