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~Alias~:Kiwi Ninamori aka Kara
~Age~: 19
~Likes~: Christmas! My birthday! Wolves! Cats!Dogs!Living!Being online all the time!
~Loves~: Most of the things I love is anime, so it is usually hard to say. Also my hobbies, drawing, writing, reading,cosplaying, sewing, singing, dancing, anything artistic!

History: I've been cosplaying for about 5 years. I make all my own costumes for me and my two sisters. I'm often seen at Animania ate Fye, Ichibancon or Animazement. I hope to expand my con base and someday become the best cosplayer out there and get to go to World Cosplay Summit

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Lumenesca says, "Ermahgerd. <3"
For Kohaku from Wish
LordMoufMouf says, "Stunning dress! "
For Rue from Princess Tutu
Seeshelle says, "*'need,' not 'knew' x3 hur hur.."
For Kagamine Len from Vocaloid 2
Seeshelle says, "This is a Len cosplay? *w* I knew to watch the mv. The cosplay looks great btw!"
For Kagamine Len from Vocaloid 2
Berry-Kitsune says, "Fantastic costume! You did an excellent job! "
For Rue from Princess Tutu