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hey guys benihime here ^_^

I've been cosplaying since 2003 with harry potter. I never knew about manga or anime growing up so, I'm kinda a later anime fan.

I love pretty much all things geekery. I grew up watching star wars, love harry potter, comic books and all types of anime and manga. Mostly MOE girls, magical girls, and CLAMP...did I mention how much I love CLAMP? I thought it would be pretty obvious.

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Mugetsu Hime says, "You look so elegant and regal! Probably one of my favorites!"
For Chibiusa / Rini from Sailor Moon
Soul_Siren says, "You did really great work here, especially with the hair and hairpins! *.*"
For Hana from Gate 7
jelfish says, "Beautiful! :)"
For Hana from Gate 7
Dokudel says, "Very beautiful!"
For Hana from Gate 7
haustin says, "Oooh I love your fabrics! They look awesome!"
For Hana from Gate 7