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20-somethin' graphic designer and general wanderer.

* Casually cosplayed since 2001.

* Shy, but bites. Loves sushi and pie but not together.

* I learned so much from sewing. Like patience. It is like kung fu.

Thanks, Jason of i360.com for the upgrade to Celestial! You're a peach! :3

Vincent Diamente is my photographer for most everything and he's my awesome boyfriend. Thanks for all the patience and the pictures, Vince!
Kelly Lynn Photography is a professional photographer who specializes in band and wedding photography. Thank you for the photos, Kelly!

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svchan says, "Sorry for the (really) late reply! We actually used a real mahjong set from a friend of mine. Thanks for the kind comment! :)"
For Nodoka Haramura from Saki
xfallenangelx says, "You are so beautiful, don't ever forget that. Love, Anji <3"
For Tsukimi Kurashita from Princess Jellyfish
thnksXfrOthXmmrs says, "This looks great! Did you make the mahjong pieces yourself? They look really cool, and if you did then that's some major props in my book!"
For Nodoka Haramura from Saki
Korin says, "I love your Nausicaa! You got all of the details spot on!"
For Nausicaa from Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind
Kat326 says, "Your Nausicaa looks SO GOOD! :D "
For Nausicaa from Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind