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living in Tokyo now, but my birthplace is Dusserdolf in Germany. i'd been lived at Brussels in Belgium, West Sussex in UK.
hope to know about foreign cosplayers!
Feel free to talk to me :D

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slightlysalted says, "You make a fantastic Gil! I am happy to see other Shiiku Gakari Rika cosplayers~"
For Tokitome Akira from Shiiku Gakari Rika
blue_eyed_fairy says, "Perfect Sheryl!"
For Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier
Catzie1 says, "...WOW... -'.'- UR AN AWESOME COSPLAYER!! X3"
For Dante from Devil May Cry
amam89 says, "Very pretty! Love the flute!"
For Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier
sinnerxvex says, "i love th cosplay and you pull it off very well =^-^="
For Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto