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Been into anime since about 1997 when my obsession of Gundam Wing took me into this crazy world.
Am' new to the cosplay/convention scene as of SakuraCon 2007. I consider 2009 to be the year I really started cosplay (and began making my own costumes). Now I am completely hooked! I have met lots of amazing people and wonderful friends since I started and I only hope to continue to meet more ^^
I hope you enjoy my cosplays/page!~

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Moosey_Fate13 says, "Please Basil forever, you beautiful creature. ;_;"
For Basil from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
TseUq says, "Thank you so much! Yes, I was apart of the group that had the large circus tent on stage ^^ "
For Dagger from Black Butler
jazqui says, "You make such a cute Minako *A*"
For Female Main Character from Persona 3
jazqui says, "Ahh were you in one of the circus skits at Fanime? Because I LOVED both of them. You look fantastic~"
For Dagger from Black Butler
Issu says, "I've always wondered if someone would ever attempt Cat Returns cosplay. You have made my day truly~"
For The Baron from Cat Returns, The