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cherryteagirl says, "かわいいメイドちゃんですね。髪はとてもモエー〜!!"
For Maid from Original Design
Shii Arisugawa says, "such a cute outfit! I love the umbrella! ^^"
For Odakura Ryoko from Recreation: Race Queen
cherryteagirl says, "とてもかわいいみどりちゃんだよ〜! ヲイグを着る時、小さい子供に"
For Midori Kasugano from Midori Days
cherryteagirl says, "かわいいプチコちゃんですよ〜! ^ー^* Your bread-like tail and boots are especially cute!"
For Puchiko from Di Gi Charat
cutebunnie19 says, "very cute!"
For Tsukasa Hiiragi from Lucky Star