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Socially awkward gross 11 year-old boy trapped in a girls body, but okay with it. Likes Gundam of the UC variety, Pokeymans, and whatever other things catch her fancy for the day. Rear Admiral Ghinius Sakhalin is her husbando for eternity because no one else would take him (and she she doesn't completely blame them).

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hydrageon123 says, "I recognize your cosplay =) Pokemon the movie 2000 the power of one, was in my opinion the greatest Pokemon movie ever made. Lawrence the 3rd was one of the coolest villains in the entire series of Pokemon, he's laid back, calm and has a flying ship with angels on the ceiling. How awesome can that even get. And the movie has Lugia in it too. You rule =) keep up the great work. =)"
For Larence III / Jirarudan from Pokemon