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My name is Cornstarch. Im more known for being behind the camera instead of infront of it. But Occasionally I can be caught in costume.

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MissLeanetta says, "The costume came out very well! I, too, am trying to do a Cheza costume. Would you be willing to tell me how you made it? I seem to be unable to find a white bodysuit that includes the feet and hands."
For Cheza from Wolf's Rain
cherryteagirl says, "I love Hagu-chan!! You are soo cute as her!! ^o^"
For Hagumi from Honey and Clover
cherryteagirl says, "You're soo cute as Lilith!! ^_^ I love how your wings reach so high up! Great job!"
For Lilith Aensland from Darkstalkers
Hooded Woman says, "OMG! So cute!!!! You did a lovely job!"
For Hagumi from Honey and Clover