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Miyazawa_Lulu says, "It's great you did Nokoru, he's so funny and a great (and overlooked) character! Construction looks flawless, your attention to detail certainly paid off!"
For Nokoru Imonoyama from CLAMP Campus Detectives
imariyumiki says, "Awwww so adorable Pam~ :D"
For Pam from Silver Chaos
svchan says, "The cutest Chironiko! <3"
For Chroniko from Kaiba
yaminogame says, "I remember you telling me about this! I was supposed to be Rain! O_O forgot"
For Rene from Neo Angelique
Milai Sapphire says, "First time I'm seeing this...dunno why xD But I like it."
For Marianne Vi Britannia from Code Geass