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I love to Cosplay, can't remember when I started. First outfit was Utena, then Kaname, Kirika Yuumura, Kaname (summer), tried doing Yuna, did a Persocom, and Reno from FFVII. I would love to do more but do not have the money and patience for it. I hope to do more but would rather pay someone to make them for me. I like making plush dolls more. Sorry I don’t have many pictures right now. I will try to get some up, it’s just so hard to take pictures of yourself when you have 10sec from hitting the camera to getting in position.
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azil1 says, "Where did you get your outfit from? I would like to be Makina for Halloween! I ordered the shoes, socks, and ribbon separately but am having trouble finding a shirt and skirt like hers."
For Makina Hoshimura from Corpse Princess
MisterGloo says, "Great Rainbow cos! I love your wig. * Q *"
For Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
Kichara says, "Great Lina costume! :)"
For Lina Inverse from Slayers
KuramaBabe says, "I LOVE the hair. Totally gorgeous."
For Isuzu (Rin) Sohma from Fruits Basket