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Hello. I'm Windy. Normally that's all I'd say about myself, but you see... I have an angry mob ala Beauty and the Beast threatening me if I don't... So here it goes, and I promise to try to not make it too boring or interesting. If that makes any sort of sense. Because, apparently, I make no sense sometimes. Well... Ultimately, you get to be the judge if I make sense or not. Sorry, tangent.

I'm a cosplayer(obviously) and I cosplay from anything that suits my fancy. Is that weird? I know some people just cosplay from one genre. I've been cosplaying and attending conventions for about ten years now, cosplaying seriously for about five, sewing for three. I staff two conventions, attend anywhere from three to five a year.

If you have any questions, feel free to direct them towards me.

Windy out.

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etaru says, "I love how this looks on you!"
For Russia / Ivan Braginski from Axis Powers Hetalia
Cindercin says, "I know both of those awesome people! :D"
For Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho
Andichan says, "So lovely, you make a really cute luna! :3"
For Luna from Sailor Moon S
ava_star says, "I can empathize about how obnoxious these costumes are -- they just don't work in real life. But at least your hard work paid off, and you can be happy with the end product now! :)"
For Zechs Marquise from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
HaganeHakushaku says, ""A pain from day one" is a good way to describe the OZ uniforms. I wanted so much to set my Zechs on fire and throw him down the stairs! But it came out okay. :-) I admire your dedication in handsewing! And I think your fabric choices worked out"
For Zechs Marquise from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing